Ready to change? We have the desire, the tools and a network of experts to help you grow.


Inspirational Speaking

Why: Discovering deeper reasons of meaning

through interactive  lessons - that drive genuine conversations to unify and advance you to the next level


How: Creating individualized, strategic plans

to workout your purpose, understand   *your journey* with present, to-the-core guides that are courageous experts in their fields



Hands on events to encourage, uplift and motivate your passion 

Focus Areas

Entrepreneurship Mindset


Helping you plan the foundation and growth of your small business.


- All in one Support Team (HR/Finance/Marketing)

- Business Plan Development

- Resource Allocation

Time Management


When is the last time you had nothing to do?
If you feel overwhelmed, unable to "make it all work", like you desperately need a break... let's wrangle your schedule and create time for the important things in life. 

Self Development


Body: Movement

Mind: Meditation 

Spirit: Manifestation

Disconnect from the every-day challenges and restore your energy, with a clear growth plan for the way ahead.

Consultation Request

How can we help you grow?

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With These Hands LLC was created as a way to nourish the community around us through the power of real food.  Quickly, our founder realized that our community was in desperate need of much more than clean food. 

Compassion, accountability, education and genuine conversation became our primary service to a community of first time, veteran and minority business owners. 

We create simple processes to help small business owners wrangle their demands and focus on their passion and device to others. 



Woman-Veteran owned & operated